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Watch Now : Wifi At Rock Bottom : Something About Meth

wifi-at-rock-bottom-dvd-lo-res-arowe-films1The wait is officially over ….kind of :-)

Wifi At Rock Bottom : Something About Meth is officially available for streaming and for free! I am very excited to bring you this documentary short. DVD and Book will be available late July.Feel free to share and tell a friend and leave some feedback I look forward to hearing and reading you comments.

Watch here: http://arowefilms.com/screeningroomwfrb/


Looks like someone has been missing…

In my time away from updating you might know what I have been working on. Wifi at Rock Bottom : Something About Meth has been such an experience. I can honestly say I have never put so much into a project. From the production to the business aspect, I have done so much to ensure the best presentation possible.  The documentary release for streaming , DVD, and book are all being handled to Continue reading

Pre-Production : Carr Brothers and the Wichita Massacre

Well well well…..

So at the moment I am at the final stage of WiFi at Rock Bottom : Something about Meth documentary. I have halted all work to focus on this because of the unique interest the documentary  has gained. There are still release plans for the other but I dont want to many distractions as I finish this production up. The book is Continue reading


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